ICAD Upstarts pitch


Animation, Motion


Selected as a successful participant for Upstarts 2020

We use water so often in our daily lives we don’t even notice it. Except of course, when it’s not there. This motion piece focuses our attention on the mundane things we do every day which we cannot do without water. It’s not everywhere you can turn a tap and have instant access to safe treated water and so, this video contrasts our most basic activities with those who live in less hydrated parts of the globe. A lot of our water usage is “hidden” in manufacturing and agriculture, so there is not the same awareness of water scarcity and wastage as there is with other climate issues like the production of greenhouse gases, etc. We are already using more water than our planet can afford, resulting in an unbalanced and unfair distribution of this natural resource. Although it may seem like a daunting task to cut down on your water waste, this video draws awareness to the small, approachable, everyday actions that we can cut down on or avoid doing unnecessarily. The message is clear: don’t waste water and raise awareness of water scarcity.

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