IADT Graduate Project


Identity, App design, Web design,
AR experience design, Motion


IDI Graduate Award Commendation:
Digital Design: UX/UI

Old pagan beliefs say that in certain places, the veil between this world and the eternal world is thin. These are called Thin Places. Thousands of these Thin Places are dotted all over Ireland, marked by our ancestors in different ways, but their stories are not easily discovered. Ré is Ireland’s first ever digital, interactive archive of our Thin Places, telling their stories, miracles and mysteries in a way that's accessible to anyone with a smartphone. With the app you can watch and listen to the local myths of a place as you stand there and collect the unique digital stamps for your collection. Designed with the Irish countryside in mind, practical app features such as access requests from landowners and localised weather forcasts make the experience of discovering these special places that little bit smoother.

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