ISTD Submission 2019


Typography, Print


Awarded membership to the ISTD

For a brief titled Lost I chose to look at the concept of a lost decade. It’s been over 10 years since the Great Recession, but there has been little real evidence to show we have learned our lesson. As rumour that another crash is fast approaching grows, this book is a “How To” for young adults who are entering the working world for the first time regarding their finances. With a tongue and cheek tone of voice this publication explains what you need to do to be financially secure in an approachable and light-hearted way. Contrasting financial jargon with everyday plainspeak is the key methodology in how this is achieved. The jargon text is intentionally too small, making it unapproachable and hard to read which mimics the way in which information about finances is presented. In contrast, the plainspeak is almost too big with extremely clear, casual copywriting, which references childrens’ books or the Ladybird Adult series. The idea is that the user only needs to read the plainspeak.

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